Cooperation with the Polish Peace Corps Foundation

We are honored to announce that Royal Bridge Family Office has entered into close cooperation with the Polish Peace Corps Foundation. The agreement has been signed by and between Andrzej Malinowski, General Commander of the Polish Peace Corps Foundation, Angelika Jarosławska-Sapieha and  – respectively President and the Member of the management board of Royal Bridge Family Office.

The current situation on the territory of Ukraine – a state of war initiated by the Russian invasion on February 24th – requires immediate and effective actions focused on humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian Nation. It should be emphasized that Mrs Angelika Jarosławska-Sapieha for many years was engaged in humanitarian aid for Ukraine. Moreover, Mrs. President, as an International Peace Ambassador, supports victims of land mines all around the world within the project One Mine One Life. Now, the drama connected with the land mines problem has extremely increased and is even more visible due to activities of the Russian army connected with the usage of cassette bombs, scattering land mines on the territory of Ukraine, in a grave violation of International Law.

On the pictures, you may also see Angelika Jarosławska-Sapieha and Andrzej Szmigiel, that before ending the celebration of the Polish Businesswoman Award – where Mrs Angelika Jarosławska-Sapieha was rewarded with the special award “Leader among Luxury Brands” for her boutique fashion&jewerly brand Royal Militare – went to support humanitarian transport to Ukraine by tanking up the van with medical equipment for Ukrainian People.

On one of the pictures, you may also see the flag of Ukraine with signatures of Ukrainian soldiers defending Kyiv, thanking for up to now support.

Sława Ukrainie! 🇺🇦🤝🇵🇱

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Support Ukraine and donate

PLN: PL95 1140 2004 0000 3102 8196 3927
EUR: PL25 1140 2004 0000 3812 1541 6699
USD: PL58 1140 2004 0000 3612 1541 6688
Transfer title: Humanitarian Support Ukraine
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